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5 Reasons Why Travel Bloggers Should Join This Facebook Group

So we have a Facebook group, as you may already know. It’s called ‘The Social Travel Tribe for Travellers and Travel Bloggers’ and today we would like to list out 5 reasons why travel bloggers should join this Facebook group.

So if you are a travel blogger, here is why you should join ‘The Social Travel Tribe‘ Facebook group.

1. Start and Run Your Own Hashtags

Join the group and post daily with your own branded hashtags. Run and own these hashtags so they feature as important topics in the group. Not only can existing members of the group click on these hashtags and find a consolidated list of your posts, but new members of the blog can find your specific posts too. So you get fresh eyeballs on your posts, blogs and businesses without actively marketing anything.

2. Invite your Friends Over and Start Your Own Circle

It is a known fact that organic reach of your Facebook pages is low. Not just low, it is so dismal, it is as good as dead. So unless you want to spend money on ads for better visibility on Facebook, you need to look for alternative and free ways to reach your audience albeit differently.

The Facebook algorithm for groups is much better in terms of organic reach, and it only grows if you post consistently and engage with your audience consistently. So why not join a targeted Facebook group, just like our niched down travel group, and invite your friends and existing audiences there. Not only will your existing group be your circle within the group to give you engagement, that traction can help you reach more and more eyeballs within the group.

As long as your blog is related to travel, our group lets you promote it for free on all 7 days days. There are no designated posts for linking, nor designated days. As soon as your blog goes live, come in and promote it with a link. If you give a valuable and engaging caption, you are sure to get clicks. Who doesn’t love free traffic?!

4. Share Your Social Handles and Increase Your Following

We not only allow blog promotions but we also allow you to promote your social handles. So whether it is Instagram, a Facebook page, Pinterest or Twitter, promote it here. Here is an audience that’s already into travel, why in the world wouldn’t they want more inspiring travel accounts to follow.

5. Share Your Freebies and Grow Your Mailing List

Every blogger worth her salt wants to have an engaged mailing list. So here’s your opportunity to grow it. If you have a freebie lead magnet that you offer in exchange of email addresses, post it here with a solid caption and strong CTA. Since the audience here already loves travel, you will have an easier time finding people who are attracted to your lead magnet, attracted enough to give you their email addresses in exchange for it.

Are you sold? Then here’s the link to join.

P.S I’m taking my blog to the next level by participating in Blogchatter‘s MyFriendAlexa 2021 challenge.

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