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5 Reasons to Follow yotripphotels on Pinterest

First and foremost, are you on Pinterest? If you are not, you need to be because it is a magical inspiration place for travellers worldwide. And once you get on Pinterest, do this first – follow yotripphotels on Pinterest. Oops, the handle is @yotripphotels and here’s and easy link for you to go there and do it.

And do you know why you should follow yotripphotels on Pinterest? No, it’s not simply because we are asking you to. Here are 5 reasons for you to follow @yotripphotels on Pinterest.

  1. We share inspiring travel content that features travel destinations, travel tips, budget and money-saving travel hacks and more. In other words, we an exclusive, no-fluff, travel-only account that’s meant for travellers worldwide.
  2. We offer great value in our idea pins. So no, we don’t just pin with the intention to get you on our website through click throughs. We actually provide valuable content through ideas pins too, the same idea pins that do not have any links attached to them. Here’s a sample that showcases out Mussoorie and Nainital travel itineraries.
  3. We always responds to comments or messages if you have questions or feedback. And this is both in our Pinterest DM as well as in the comments section of our pins.
  4. We share a lot of freebies on or Pinterest account. Like this one here for example which gives you an ebook of 50 budget travel resources that help you save money on travel (psst, at least $100 per person per trip).
  5. If you are in the travel industry, you can DM us and we can start a group board to reach each other’s audiences, thus growing eyeballs on our blog.

Here’s the Pinterest account again:

We are new, and your support could help us grow. After all, aren’t we all #vocalforlocal and ours is a local Indian business.

P.S I’m taking my blog to the next level by participating in Blogchatter‘s MyFriendAlexa 2021 challenge.

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