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5 Reasons to Follow yotripphotels on Instagram

We keep asking people to follow yotripphotels on Instagram. For one thing, we are a new business with a new account. For another, it is a great support to know that some engaged followers have your back when you run packages, or discounts, promotions, freebies or even competitions. It is also awesome to know that the initial few eyeballs on your content are of those who have chosen to support you after you’ve asked it of them. Because that initial traction, initial boost, matters.

Not just for the algorithm, no. But also a great mental and emotional boost to the new business owner who is already struggling to reach newer and wider audiences. For the new business owner who is already stretched in resources and time, trying to keep things within budget by doing everything by herself oftentimes.

So there, one of the nicest forms of support you can offer a new, small and local business if by following them on social media and engaging with their posts when you happen to see them.

And this gain is not one-sided. When we say follow us on Instagram, our handle is @yotripphotels, we don’t just ask you to do something where there is nothing in it for you. Here are our 5 best reasons for you, our 5 reasons to follow yotripphotels on Instagram

  1. We have an exclusive, no-fluff travel account. We only share travel related content, whether it is about inspiring destinations or about travel tips, travel hacks, travel budgets and itineraries. For some added fun, we also have some amazing travel quotes. Doesn’t that sound like something you’d like to engage with?
  2. We don’t just share photos. We offer valuable insight in our captions, stuff you’d want to read, stuff you’d read and profit from. Additionally, it is not just about photos (though it is so right now), we intend to share engaging and entertaining travel reels, IGTV videos on tips, tricks and hacks and even destination guides, like the one’s you see on our casual account @perpetually_in_transit. And we also intend to share reviews of local restaurants, places of interest, attractions and more.
  3. We value our audiences and hence are always ready to answer questions and take feedback via DMs or via comments on our posts.
  4. We periodically run competitions with amazing prizes, so you definitely need to stay tuned. We also offer a lot of freebies via our IG account. Like this ebook on 10 weekend getaways near Mumbai and Pune or this ebook on 50 budget travel resources that help you save a ton of money on travel, for example.
  5. We are new and we are genuinely trying to grow our following. Your support will help us grow. We will bring better, more exciting hotel and destination offers as we grow and we will serve you well.

P.S I’m taking my blog to the next level by participating in Blogchatter‘s MyFriendAlexa 2021 challenge.

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