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5 Reasons to Follow yotripphotels on Facebook

We would like to give you 5 reasons for why you should follow yotripphotels on Facebook before we ask you to follow us. After all, everyone needs to know what’s in it for us first.

I mean, we could tell you to support us because we are a new company, started smack bang in the middle of a global pandemic. And that too in an industry that took the biggest hit in a way: travel, tourism and hospitality.

But we would rather tell you of all the great things we currently do on our Facebook page and what our future plans are instead. This way, you can check for your yourself whether our current and future Facebook shares are something that you do like now or will like in the future. Yo can check for yourself if our Facebook efforts can give you some value in terms of satisfaction, inspiration or savings, one of the three, or all of them together even.

So here are out 5 reasons for you to like and follow our Facebook Page, namely @yotripphotels

  1. Our Facebook page offers curated content so we don’t just harp on our products and services, or our clients, but help you find the most amazing travel destinations and get some interesting offers, even if they are run by others. Since we have our hand on the pulse of the industry, follow us to know all the amazing things happening in the travel and tourism space, especially in but not limited to India, by following our FB page.
  2. Our Facebook page is for both, travellers as well as travel businesses. Since as a company, we offer digital marketing services to hotels and resorts, we have B2B content that caters to the needs of this niche. Since we are in the business of travel, we also share B2C content about hotels, resorts, tours, discount deals and more for our traveller audience segment.
  3. We often run competitions and giveaways that are worth it in terms of prizes. To know about them first, before everyone else, you need to follow our Facebook page first.
  4. We are planning big things for our new business and you can be a part of them early, before others catch on. We will soon be offering deep discount hotel deals and destination tour packages and as founding members who are with us from the start, you can call first dibs.
  5. Want some freebies, find them here. From free ebooks to free itineraries, find them here or send us a DM, as simple as that really.

P.S I’m taking my blog to the next level by participating in Blogchatter‘s MyFriendAlexa 2021 challenge.

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