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Get inspired with these blogs on Seoul’s top attractions and points of interest. If you want to build a Seoul itinerary, find everything on the best things to see in Seoul here.


Looking for exciting adventures in and around Seoul, find it all here. Find Seoul’s best activities and things to do so you can build your Seoul trip around the things you love to do.


Find great places to stay in Seoul, in the best, most connected neighborhoods. Find top hotels, resorts, Airbnbs and other accommodation in Seoul here.

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Welcome to, a Seoul site property of YOTRIPP.

Our aim here is to equip you with enough inspiration and provide you with enough information, that you can plan a customized itinerary of Seoul perfecting within your budget and precisely suited to your personal tastes. Do reach out to us via a comment on any post to have your questions answered, we monitor all our comments periodically. If you are planning to travel to Seoul, we aim to make this your go-to site for destination Seoul (and other South Korean cities).

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We aim to give you a tour of Seoul even before you book your flight tickets. Find out the best neighborhoods to stay in, the best attractions to see, the best activities to experience and the best hotels to book at, all right here on one neat little site.

  • Make things work in Seoul, within your budgets
  • Revel in your love of Kdramas by visiting the best filming locations
  • Try some local Korean food at the best restaurants or street food markets
  • Hit the best night spots, karaoke clubs and even South Korea’s famous themed cafes
  • Prefer some activity, head out on hikes in and around Seoul
  • Know the eating, tipping and drinking etiquettes and how to go around making local friends
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Not only do we aim to give you the best insight on things to do in Seoul or things to see in Seoul, we also want to give you the deets on what to eat, where to eat, where to hang out, where to stay and other travel tip specific to Seoul. Whether you are here on a short transit or you are here for a long vacation, whether you are here as a solo traveler or are here with friends and family, we aim to give you every possible useful information here, information that could make your travel to Seoul that little bit easier.

In addition, if you are specifically looking for 24-hour, 48-hour, 7-day or 14-day itineraries you can get in touch and request one, for free! You will also find several ready-made itineraries already posted on this website, along with specific and unique attractions to build your own itineraries, such as hiking in Seoul, hidden gems in Seoul and more.

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If you are looking for specific trip types and interests for your time in Seoul, the resources given below are quite useful. Please note that some of the resources mentioned below are affiliate links, where we earn a small commission if you choose to make any purchases, without there being any extra or additional charges charged to you. Consider it a little tip, for the heavy research we put in to make our blogs and posts valuable to you. Thank you.


Get inspired by these specific resources for your trip to Seoul

Some of the best resources for a trip to Seoul are

Tripadvisor is possibly the best resource for travel to anywhere in the world. And it is most definitely a valuable resource for Seoul travel advice on hotels, restaurants and more.

View deals on Tripadvisor

Viator is a great place to check out tours and ready-made trip packages. Viator is known to give travelers good savings on on unforgettable experience in Seoul and in other cities around the world.

For flight tickets, try which has airfares to both Seoul airports, Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport.

Accommodation in Seoul comes in different styles ranging from hotels to bed & breakfasts, Air BnBs and homestays. They come in various budgets and require thorough research. Especially if you wish to find the ones in the best neighborhoods or the ones that offer the best connectivity. You can look up such hotels here.

Coaches run periodically from both airports and literally drop you by near your hotels if your hotel is in a prominent neighborhood. But there are various options if you wish to hire a car. You can prebook one below.

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Alternatively, you can bundle and save when you visit Seoul by using the search form given below.

And last but not the least, is the Get Your Guide Widget, the best way to experience any city like a local, especially cities like Seoul that have a multitude of things to see and experience.